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I was born in England, family moved to Canada when I was young, I joined the Navy and later moved to Bermuda where I met my husband who was in the US Navy. We moved to Italy where we married, stayed there for 6 years then onto Hawaii for 13 years and now have retired in NC at a beautiful lake which we love.

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I'm pretty new at this but what I want to do is to let people know about all of the awesome giveaways on so many different blog sites for books and audio books. Look at my list you might find some sites you would enjoy visiting!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sweeps4bloggers is giving away....

Check out Sweeps4bloggers and enter to win a Cruising Caddie.
For me this would be a great addition to my jet skiing with the Flying Aqua Babes.
For you it might mean using it on your scooter, on your boat, going for a walk. Almost anything.
Go to:

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